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A Soft Place to Land…And, Happy Mother’s Day!

Some thoughts that arose this morning…

We all need this. Whether it is acknowledged to oneself or not, the need for some form of sanctuary and safety is needed in the human psyche. The source for this can range from it being provided by family, friends and for some perhaps rare few, the divine, the inner landscape…

This last possibility is where we all are eventually headed, where a divine autonomy prevails. But even still, while in these human forms, a little bit of support is probably needed for most everyone.

So, in reflecting on Mother's Day, perhaps your mother provided you this soft place to land…That the pristine and pure impetus of consciousness to nurture and love, to protect and hold safe, came through and were expressed fully and beautifully in your childhood (and beyond!).

And perhaps not.

Maybe the one who birthed you was not well or was too young, or whatever, to provide the necessary components of mothering. Perhaps it was a deeply wounding experience. Perhaps you have spent years reconciling yourself to that which did not take place, to the deficit felt.

And perhaps, your situation lies somewhere in between…For mothers are not perfect beings. None of us are, in our humanness.

And, I think it need be said…I do believe that people really do the best they can at any given moment. I do believe that if one knows better, one would do better.

Mothering is exalted because it represents what would seem the greatest, the highest, of our better angels. And it deserves this recognition. That it does.

So, whatever your destiny presented you with - with your own mother and/or as a mother - take a moment to acknowledge how you, how all of us, are being mothered right now. The earth that is holding and supporting you by way of, perhaps, the chair you are sitting on or in another manner. The smiles that come your way. The kindnesses expressed by strangers and friends alike. The unbidden and surprising support that happens in a moment where that is so needed.

And so much more…

In noticing how often things go right, the countless blessings that flow in our direction, we stitch together a tapestry of a soft place to land.

So, let this gorgeous, scintillating patchwork, this tapestry of light, happen.

Let this happen for you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Annie Kiyonaga

May 12, 2024

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