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(In honor of Thanksgiving, 2019)

this month heralds

a most marvelous theme




acknowledging intrinsic worth


the list can go on

my younger son gave me a framed quote for my most recent birthday, and it reads...

“When you love what you have, you have everything you need.”

encapsulates gratitude

kindles deep contentment


Sanskrit word describing contentment

the ambrosia of this recognition...

gratitude can be elicited by

both the massive and


spanning the tiniest of golden glints

In sands below

to the infinite canopy of sky and scintillating stars


light of eons past


that has travelled

for some millions of years

to grace our planet

and our vision

an ancient past

becoming our present

and at the fulcrum

of this impulse of pure gratitude and graciousness

is this recognition

this recognition

that the universe is not contrary

to ones highest wishes

a friend, not a foe

to ones deepest joy

that the trajectory of life leans always

toward our most profound fulfillment

toward love

that we have an absolute ally in this cosmic cosmos

that we are never truly alone

but rather enwrapped in

and permeated with


glorious aloneness

that is one with all

that is

knowing thusly we can see and be thankful for

golden glint of sand in the stretch of shore

and the magnificence of starry skies above

we can be thankful

Annie Kiyonaga

November 28, 2019

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