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He Waves

he waves as he enters the airport security area and then again as he progresses beyond that and then as he walks away from us becoming smaller and smaller but yet he turns at regular intervals and waves tiny now but more visible than most due to his 6'4" lankiness he waves one last time before he turns the corner and is out of sight he is our adorable older boy now 21 and embarking on a journey that takes him to the other side of the globe to Thailand to study economics his chosen field I weep a combination of how utterly dear he is to me and the days of holding hands and sweet almost constant proximity naturally lessening over the years as he matured along with an admiration heart held for his bravery and sure footedness and so much more and really he is responding to us for we initiated this gesture of acknowledgement and farewell

fully participating he turns and waves time and time again his inborn kindness prompting this response until that corner moment... his father exclaims as we walk away he did the very same thing as a young child when we lived in the French West Indies! he described how he would walk to work in the morning and our beautiful boy Our first-born son so little so darling would watch from the window waving until his father was out of view and now he responds to us as we do the same as we do the same

Annie Kiyonaga

August, 2016

(Photo of watercolor my older son created for me included in this post.)

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