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The Ocean Speaks

seaside earlier today

I request of shree ocean

her wisdom

and upon opening to this

and receiving

images begin to arise

swirling cocoons of water

deep under the sea

encircle and heal

fish flash by pirouetting


brilliant elusive colors

as dolphins look on

I continue this descent downward


toward the deep dark depths

opaque shadow world

mystery of the black light

ocean floor


in this descent

swirling churning waters

smooth out and yield to

a building silence


which contains all sound

dive deep

the ocean whispers

allow the waters to

heal you as you

stream and drift

swaying and oscillating

as you are pulled in this

downward descent

allow sea life to

adore you

as multitudinous creatures look on with

eyes that contain centuries and eons

of wisdom

indeed, dangers can exist

in these waters

but this inner journey

as the momentum of trust builds

bypasses these

to finally arrive

resting and abiding on ocean floor

continue to abide

in this primordial terrain

the ocean whispers

become one with the silence

become one with the stillness

silence and stillness that contains all sound and movement

just be

Annie Kiyonaga

June 27, 2021

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