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Many years ago, I believe it was in 2002, I heard these words in my half-sleep state right before awakening.

“Love is not a feeling. Love is a state of being. It does not fluctuate.”

Interestingly, I was under the impression that it came from Rumi’s teacher, Shams of Tabriz; that it was he who spoke these words to me early that morning.

Of course, there are beautiful emotions that accompany genuine love. And, they are not to be disqualified or dismissed. They are a part of our human expression. They are to be acknowledged and felt.

But, I believe beloved Shams was attempting to point to a golden refuge, a beautiful sanctuary, within each of us that is made of pure love. It is the arena of pure freedom, and always and in every moment available to us...

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! May you experience who you really are, this pure love.

(The poem has two photo pages, just so you know!).

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