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Untitled …Poem from 2013

Poem I wrote this morning...

resting in the mellow of early morning sounds

though overcast

and grey, steely skies greet

this observer

the simplicity of birdsong

and the ever present youthfulness

of this early time

allows and beguiles

reminding one of dawns past

reaching back in time

to the beginning that is always available

in each moment

and allowing this new day

to launch us into an infinite number of moments

each filled with the golden droplets

of shining, ever present


we abide in this pivoting point of


that has no limit

stretching to an endless horizon

in all directions

we rest in


in the excellence of leafy green

and muffled quiet of cool air

the infinite space

that is early morning...

Annie Kiyonaga, October 2013

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