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A Conversation this Morning with My Younger Son

(Artwork chosen because Paul was born on the full moon of May.)

I just had a delightful conversation with my younger son, Paul, who is now 24 years old. It doesn’t happen that often, it seems. that our schedules allow time to sit and discuss, and it is indeed so beneficial.

We were conversing about potent and large topics, such as what feminism means in this time and the energetics of patriarchy that have led to, I feel, two huge realities - capitalism and, hence, the massive disregard for the natural world which has led to the obvious perils of climate change…

We both agreed that it would seem (And I add, in our present circumstance.) that a combination of capitalism and socialism is needed to mitigate human leveraging and greed as capitalism obviously doesn’t operate in a vacuum.

There was no need to make anything the boogie man in our discussion. No pointing fingers. Just the citing of the obvious differences in each gender’s strength and what they bring to the table. Yes, women tend to be generally the nurturer and trend toward being a team player whereas the male expression tends to be more about dominance and power over (the earth, etc.). The female expression tends to be more circular, curved and inclusive and the male, more angular, linear and hierarchical.

My deeply intelligent and sensitive son brought up the example of civilizations, in past times, that honored the natural role of the male and female strengths. Yes, men are generally stronger physically - the hunters/protectors - (And concedes that the hunter/protector expression is no longer necessary in this modern time. But the energetics might still be there.) and women have profound strengths along the lines of nurture and connection to the earth…And, they were considered on parity with what each brought to the table, and deeply respected, as well.

This mutual respect is key. Power is on parity.

Of course, I need to add that each of us are a combination of two. Expressions of these qualities vary from individual to individual.

I came away from this discussion enriched and deeply impressed with the wisdom my son shared. We differed on some of the finer points, perhaps, but agreed on the larger ideas. And, agreeing was not even the point, really. There was a nascent respect in evidence in this exchange. That is simply golden.

Thank you, my dear sweet son, for your time today. Thank you for your great heart and mind. You have so much to offer this world.

And I am so privileged to be part of that world.

Annie Kiyonaga

June 5, 2022

Addendum: Much, much more could be said about these huge topics of conversation. Many nuances could be cited. Obvious point, I know, but I did want to mention this!..

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