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A Look Back

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

When I was younger, I had this notion that I wanted to know everything there was to know in the world. Yes, this is a tall order, indeed. And, for some reason I had this memory come up today of a moment at our dining room table, at lunch time to be exact, where I described this desire to my family. I must have been all of 11 or 12. We were living in El Salvador at the time.

It’s funny how one remembers these things…

Indeed, as it turns out, I have acquired a fair amount of discrete knowledge in this life. Being an inveterate, lifelong reader, this does afford a lot of learning. Along with this, I have visited and lived in many countries. This pattern was not really prompted by desire. It just seemed I had this international destiny from the get-go. For instance, my father happened to have an occupation that took us to foreign destinations. And then my adult life presented opportunities that continued this trend.

Also, I’m just naturally curious about things. I remember once my mother looking at me. I must have again asked a question of some sort. And she proceeded to ask me, “Why are you so curious?!” To me, it was such an odd question because why would someone NOT be curious! We live in such a curious, fascinating world!

I was so young when I described this wish…But, interestingly, as I look back on this pronouncement of mine from the vantage point of my seventh decade on this earth, I could say that it is being granted…It’s not the acquisition of discrete knowledge, as initially understood, though it has been relatively plentiful in this life. It’s more the primordial knowledge of our true identity as pure consciousness, pure awareness, the root of all knowledge that has been awakened in me. Due to an incredibly fortunate spiritual destiny in this life, I have been privy to teachings and beings that embody these.

So, maybe at that tender pre-teen age, I sensed the portent of this massive, pure spiritual knowledge coming toward me in this life. Maybe that’s what was happening when I described my wish. Maybe prescience was indeed afoot…..

Annie Kiyonaga

October 15, 2021

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