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A Piece of Wonder

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

my seven year old

pondering out loud

from the back seat of our car

sitting next to his four year old brother

after swimming lessons one recent afternoon


(words to this effect)

Mama, do you realize that what I am doing right now

holding this (soda) bottle and moving my hand

and saying “whee”

cannot be repeated exactly like this

ever again

even if I come back in another

lifetime and another


to me

my young son

had seen

in his young’s mind eye

and appreciated

the unique

of each moment

how moments past

cannot be repeated

that each present time segment

is entire

in its specific way

unto itself

like a delicate snowflake of exquisite design

never to be replicated

that his soda bottle moving

across the passing view

of colours, lines, angles and curves

life’s total expression

in that instant

there and everywhere

in the configuration of planets and galaxies

and beyond

cannot happen

in that same exact manner


each moment a prismatic sphere of light

each moment composed of immense freedom…

is that not a beautiful

piece of


Annie Kiyonaga


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