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A Poem (in the wake of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing)

there is a wild hubbub

going on for sure an intensity of events... our world is being stretched to accommodate so much fires and covid (other manifestations of) climate change racial injustice finally receiving the greater recognition it so desperately needs and a beloved supreme court justice yes a beloved justice taking her leave did that really happen?! oh my goodness... she tried so hard to stay for our sake she tried so hard and we so wanted her to stay... amidst all this (and the above list is by no means complete!) what does it all come down to? as we sit with ourselves what does it really all come down to? and, that’s exactly what we do we sit with ourselves we receive this moment entirely no deflecting no resistance a deep reconciliation with all that is with how life is presenting to us at this very moment the stream of life meets us washing over and through us clean clear waters of pure isness we receive we anoint this moment. we gaze gently unabashedly undeterred fearless without armor authentic and whole in our settled at-home isness and then we rise Annie Kiyonaga September 27, 2020

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