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As We Approach the Autumn Equinox

A simple poem from a few years ago heralding the changing of seasons...

the equinox is almost upon us.. heralding memories of crisp fall air and piles of leaves of layered clothing more in evidence of diminishing daylight as evenings make their appearance earlier and earlier thus encroaching upon those remembered summer nights of fireflies and outdoor games and twilight that sloped into night way past that which is considered acceptable during the more industrious times of the year... I speak of childhood memories in those northern climes and now a Floridian of many year's residence but still that fall feeling is here as we approach the equinox spectrum of festivities ahead of us that only this season can claim and, yes, though more muted in its expression in these southern climes the seasons can still delight the seasons can still delight...

Annie Kiyonaga September 22, 2015

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