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dragonfly flits and twirls seeking escape from this home interior

how did she ever gain entry? but she did... (dragonfly is automatically a “she”...don’t know why...) speaking to her in my mind I communicate I am attempting to help no need to fear and she settles on a table probably tired from her exertions her efforts in this alien indoor environment my older boy says quick let’s grab a bowl and deftly a team effort takes place I place bowl above and he scoots a flat plate beneath the darling creature he carries our masterpiece gently carefully over to the front door asking me to open it and, I did. opening the door I lift the bowl the dragonfly now available to the great outdoors the open air to grass trees flowers sunlight and she dances away a trail of her grace left behind... I believe she heard me

Annie Kiyonaga Oct. 29, 2020

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