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God is Good

God is good

he sings

to himself

while munching away on his large-sized cookie

at our local bookstore

and I

peering around

impatient to be on our way

he, my three year old, had insisted

that we sit

with great ceremony

to cookie partake

where is your coffee, Mommy,

he asks

that I had already taken care of

but he was solicitous of my welfare

God is good

he sings

and suddenly I notice

these sweet lyrics

learned at his Baptist daycare

of which I am decidedly not

a church member

and chosen exclusively for its known


pre-k program

but yet

you cannot argue

with those lyrics…

God is good

he sings

and at that moment

I espy


a sign to my left

that reads

“go ahead…surrender”

and then

in quick succession

a woman walks by

sporting a t-shirt

that proclaims

oddly enough

“I am a saint”

did I just receive

operating instructions

is it really that simple?

(notice, I did not say easy)

God is good

he sings

Annie Kiyonaga


(The artwork was created by the three year old mentioned here - my younger son - when he was around ten years old.)

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