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Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Hummingbird slips here and there seeking nectar from every umber shadow patch of scintillating light glistening leaf dancing ray of luminous sun across cerulean blue dome of sky

from the sublime subtle to gorgeous patch of dirt

from the lightly perfumed to dense forest of musky scent this vibrating and oscillating nectar seeker relentlessly drifts and dives ascends and stretches never futile always hopeful nuanced yet determined as with the human heart which seeks and finds droplets of nectar

extracted from shadowed garden

draped and dappled river

drone of sotto voce conversation

hum of distant winds nurturance received from the sun of encircling friends known

over the decades the rhythm of our days and nights dynamism of calm effort and rest

and the eventual surrender to sleep

to rise again to a welcoming dawn nectar which travels

reaches and settles in the heart touching healing soothing revealing that deep abidance letting go of the unnecessary that which is encumbering

oppressive nectar

golden of velvet viscosity

warming gentles our human inner landscape relief and release follows nectar seekers, we are

seeking golden rays of light so that we can drink from the flower so we can feel showered in that nectarean substance and doused in the honeyed river of


and illumination... Annie Kiyonaga April 24, 2016

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