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I’m Unstoppable

Updated: Apr 28

Funny story…While in India recently, I went on a great outing with some friends one fine Sunday…an afternoon (more like late afternoon by the time we got there!) at the beach. I seem to recall it was about an hours drive from Ganeshpuri. On the way there, we played some great tunes; and one in particular that everyone seemed to really enjoy-“Unstoppable,” by Sia…We all sang along heartily. Some Adele happened, too, as well as other great songs.

The Sia song is one of my favorites in that sort of genre just in terms of its great rhythm and general feel.

Flash forward sometime later - probably a week or two - I was spending time in Bangalorewala, in Ganeshpuri, doing spiritual practice. It was early evening by the time I emerged…Bangalorewala, for those who don’t know, is the place where Bhagavan Nityananda took Mahasamadhi, where he departed this world in 1961. It remains a very powerful place.

I was walking down the stairs as the room where Bade Baba (Bhagavan Nityananda) departed is on the second floor, and was making my way toward the entrance to the building. It was dusk and very quiet. No one was around except for one women standing near the entrance looking at her phone.

Suddenly the familiar strains of “Unstoppable” filled the air! It must have come on her phone somehow. It was extremely rare that I heard “western” music in Ganeshpuri so imagine my surprise!

As I walked by into twilight, into the evening, I was just so delighted at this coincidence, this synchronicity…

Perhaps Bade Baba is telling me that I am unstoppable. And perhaps He also just wants to show that he knows me and loves me.

I am more that fine with both. I’ll take both.

Annie Kiyonaga

April 5, 2024

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