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Prayer Flags Fluttering

prayer flags fluttering

as I walk the incline

toward this Tibetan Buddhist Temple

in the mountains of southern France

prayer flags fluttering

allowing auspicious mantra

to be carried on the wind

engulfing passerby's

in the fragrance of well wishes

prayer flags fluttering

as I near the temple

murmur of resonant and sonorous chanting heard

teachings being offered to an

international gathering

and I sit outside this Buddhist enclave

a gem of artistic renderings

in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition

brilliant and meticulous

my back resting against

the wall

I listen to these teachings

cool breeze

lowering sun

late afternoon

flies buzzing rhythmically

around me

and hearing

in the background

work being done on

the nearby


living compassion


in the breeze

prayer flags fluttering...

Annie Kiyonaga


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