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(Photo of Bella, another feline who lives in our area who has become a beloved being in our midst...She loves to perch next to (our) Ganesh...It’s really quite remarkable. She does it often! Sophie, another gorgeous feline that is being referenced in this poem, was in our lives in 2006.)

she is not our cat

she lives up the street

belonging to a family replete with youngish children

but she has

following love’s alignment

adopted us!

my younger son had been asking for a cat

and she must have heard his call

his sweet heart saying

where is my cat?..

Sophie comes to our house

meows at our door

a young feline she is




delicate and multicolored

displaying her part-Tabby heritage

and she adores being held

purring with abandon

encircled in arms that are tender

she is not our cat

but she is now part of our landscape

for how long I don’t know

love has beckoned her

and she has arisen like the pink Azaleas of

this springtime of pristine light

wandering our backyard

delighting in our family presence

as we go about our day and life

and so she is here

encircling our world with her purring resonance

in the radiance of this season that knows

no dismay or discouragement

but only the steady drumbeat of hope

and love…

Annie Kiyonaga


Addendum - We left for one of our several weeks foray to France to visit family - that we did every few years or so - and upon our return; Sophie was nowhere to be found. The owners asked if we knew what had happened. Of course, we had been away and didn’t know. It was sad for us that she was no longer in our midst, and we hoped for the best.

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