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Spring has Sprung!

(Inspired by finally cleaning out my children's room...Gosh, it does seem-from what described-that it was long overdue! 😄 Written in March, 2015)

we sort we clean we follow into those areas dark and dense that need airing out with cool, fragrant breezes heralded by that early in the year Equinox we plunge we plummet into dusty bookshelves spider-webbed corners trinkets long forgotten sitting forlorn caked in dust recycled perhaps from ancient times! :) odds and ends of magnificent variety that have a home in shadowed shelves adorable items collected haphazard scattered and lovely but spring has sprung a pristine wind blows lifting dust moving pieces and discarding the unnecessary to make way for the cleaner brighter and simpler yes, spring has sprung... March 29, 2015

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