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The Listening Heart

This morning, I was talking to a very dear friend. She is someone I feel very comfortable talking with about things that might be troubling me in the moment, or life situations that might benefit from some airing out - in that outer way.

I have come to deeply appreciate the people in my life who have this ability to authentically listen, that make the time to do this. I have found that usually just a handful of people fall into this category in my life’s constellation…I know many folks, as I am naturally social and have travelled much in this life. But, this is decidedly a small number of people. And I do sense this is actually common for most everyone.

(Of course, this service of listening must be - when the time naturally arises - reciprocated. And respect for the other and discernment are needed to not overdo in either direction….)

A certain wording came to me today as I was signing off with my friend. I was thanking her for listening with such care. I said, “Thank you for listening.” And then I said, “Thank you for your listening heart.”

This phrasing arose so naturally. You can feel when someone gives you this quality of listening. There’s a space granted and you are given permission to step in and express. You are not met with judgement or a reactive opinion. There’s a thoughtfulness and honesty in the eventual response. There’s a deep care…

And, today it came to me. I know what to call this experience. It’s the experience of the listening heart.

Annie Kiyonaga

October 25, 2021

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