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The Most Notable of Weavers...

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

massive spiderweb my friend calls me outside to witness this remarkable construction moonlight glimmers and winks through gossamer strands running parallel then turning at angles owner of said domicile continuing in this enterprise doggedly fearlessly a most fragile endeavor it is in a most fragile location across the sidewalk entryway of the home nary a strand had been in sight when I had approached the front door the previous afternoon... and this eight-legged creature toils and weaves apex strung over a branch soaring high above and side to side latitude almost as wide as it is high edges of leaves overgrown from rain-drenched summer reach across toward each other and support subtle pull and tensile strength of this brilliant and perfect design in the making... As I leave my home today I am disappointed to see that this precarious and gorgeous creation exposed and vulnerable has indeed lived up to it's apparent fragility nary a strand in sight but I had been visited by the emblematic spider eight-legged arachnid this creature who in the American Indian tradition represents written communication formation of letters perhaps he was a messenger yes a messenger from the creature world paying a visit to encourage further writing creating a reminder of that which brings me joy... thank you Annie Kiyonaga

(written a few years ago)

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