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What Came to me this Morning…

What came to me this morning…

In this moment, what is happening? Sounds wafting toward you. Perhaps a scent is making itself known. The air on your skin might offer a tactile experience. A landscape privy to your sight innocently exists.

And perhaps that is the key word…innocence. What is contained in each moment through the senses is innately innocent. Each sensation, which exists beyond any given story, merely exists.

Allow this primal innocence to make itself known through the primal experience of pure being. Allow life to reveal itself without the overlay of story. Let everything be.

Just be.

Annie Kiyonaga

May 18, 2023

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Rifka Kreiter
Rifka Kreiter

Annie, I love this concept of the innocence of pure sensation...lovely...I feel this word/concept will be a helpful hook, when I recall it, back into any present moment... Thank you!

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