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A Vast Consideration

I was tired this morning

yearning for the quiet of a few still moments

on my couch

in mid-morning splendour

my sixteen-month old plays

making soft cooing sounds

the patter of toddler-walk

the silence and intermittent sigh of

concentrated play

with tow truck of many-wheeled fascination

how did he know

this early-in-life one

bobbing around the room

how did he know his mother needed

this time of long inhale and exhale

he approaches

occasionally touching my hair

touching my feet with a sensitivity reserved

for butterfly wings

how did this toddler-being

have the presence of mind and heart

to grant me this couch moment

a moment

I might add

that extended itself

to almost a full sixty minutes

my grateful heart felt his touch

and silence

my grateful heart felt

his vast consideration

Annie Kiyonaga


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