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Blessings from an Ancestor

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

According to the Hindu, Indian calendar, we are in the time of Pitru Prakash. It is a time when the ancestors are honored, our family lineage.

I had a marvelous experience yesterday that I realized not until today that pertained to this time…I was attending a metaphysical fair of sorts in my town. It just sounded like fun, and of course I did end up running into quite a few folks I knew.

The fair presented a smorgasbord of offerings, everything from gorgeous crystals and rocks for sale to astrology readings to energy sessions accompanied by feedback. It was a space teeming with activity and fun!

The fair also offered a series of classes where some of the folks participating in the fair could could speak about their craft. Interestingly, I found myself drawn toward one that had to do with mediumship. I scooted in and managed to find a seat at the last moment.

The women presenting started to speak about how she came to this particular interest. She had been a family physician but, due to changing circumstances in her own life, found herself involved in the study of mediumship, a very new and different area of learning!

She proceeded to describe how messages were received, which included all the various ways the senses are involved. At a particular point, she started to pick up on a presence that wanted to connect with someone in the room.

I have to admit, I had a sense that someone might be coming my way in this gathering, so I was not entirely surprised that it became clear - at a certain point - that it was my grandmother, Grandmother Kiyonaga. And, of course, I was thrilled. But, also, I was surprised by this particular visitation. I hadn’t known Grandmother Kiyonaga well. I had seen her very infrequently during my childhood as she lived on the island of Molokai, in Hawaii. I did have an opportunity to spend a couple of weeks with her back in the eighties when on my way to India. But, other than that, very little time was spent with her over the years.

Grandmother Kiyonaga was a petite Japanese woman, quite in contrast to my height (around 5’10””). My father was very tall (6’4”) and she did refer to him as a “big boy” during our sweet conversation. And, indeed, he was!

She expressed her love for him, her only child, and that down the years - after he left home - she had not had the opportunity to see him much either. But she of course always remembered and loved him.

The medium displayed how she walked and her style of dress. She indicated a wide sash (a Japanese obi, I would think.) and a long, fitted skirt. And, sandals.

She said she used her hands a lot and demonstrated this. I do believe she was a seamstress of sorts. And, she also mentioned that she was an active busy type.

Several other details were shared. And, of course, they were all interesting. But what came through more than anything was the homage and blessings that came my way…

Grandmother saw something I would be doing in the future, a plan I have in place. And, she spoke of another upcoming experience that had to do with one of my children.

All described were wonderful events. And I felt her blessing with each.

She ended by bowing to me in that specific Japanese way, and this bow was demonstrated by the medium.

I had the feeling that part of why this loveliness came my way was due to the fact that I have been very involved in taking care of a certain situation that has everything to do with Grandmother Kiyonaga. It has been a long and sometimes challenging process and I sense it was her way of thanking me. It had never really occurred to me before, but it makes total sense that she would be present to this involvement of mine.

I left my visitation from Grandmother Kiyonaga feeling supported and blessed, and loved. And it once again came to me that we have so much more support, both visible and invisible, of which we usually might not be aware.

Thank you, Grandmother Kiyonaga. Thank you for visiting me, and blessing me and my family.

I love you.

Annie Kiyonaga

September 18, 2022

(Coincidentally, today is my mothers birthday. She left this world in 2017.)

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