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Everyone Needs a Soft Place to Land

(Written a few years back)

everyone needs a soft place to land

and as we head in this downward fashion

toward that which embraces and muffles

the fall

we find

domicile that encircles and rejoices in our homecoming

vast meadow that


with an awakening spring

flowers and bees

birds and trees

whirling and dancing to

nature's exquisite


cityscape which exudes activity

of another kind

but no less poignant

in its hustle and bustle

of human endeavor

oceanic vistas of unimaginable

breadth and depth

containing a universe

of aquatic beauty and


innumerable stars above

evincing a cosmos

that dances and sings

to the beat of that same


indicated by

buzzing bee and hummingbird

darting among and partaking in

floral array


the skipping child who delights in a new day

and finally and most pivotally

the great heart

that calls to you

and indicates

the constant home you have


pure consciousness

that is one and the same with

all that is


find that pillow fragrant

with the scent of

lavender and rose

that expanse that softens

the landing

and is happy

in your arrival


everyone needs

a soft place

to land

Annie Kiyonaga

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