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I’m Watching the Grass Grow

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Today I was speaking with a friend and the conversation elicited a memory that took place very early in this particular incarnation…

I must have been all of 3-4 years old and I was sitting quietly in our garden. I would place where we were living at the time in the United States and, more specifically, Maryland. My father’s job had us living often in foreign destinations during my childhood.

So there I was sitting quietly and all alone. I guess my mother was curious about this and came up to me. Bending down, she queried, “Annie, what are you doing?”

“I am watching the grass grow,” I responded.

Now in my 7th decade on this planet, I look back in amusement at this comical response. But I also acknowledge that there must have been a fair degree of quiescence, of connection within to that native pure being, to engender such a response.

This is to not to say that this is particularly rare for the very young amongst us to have such awareness. I sense we come in still strongly connected to our essence, generally.

And it is truly wonderful when the adults in our lives happen to have some understanding of this. Mine did not seem to recall this inborn experience. Oh, well…

But, if some understanding is there, it is - of course - a marvelous support and of great good fortune for the tender beings who are more recently incarnated…

For eventually, whether the early-on support was there or not and as we make our way in this life, we are called to return home to this pure being. We are called to return to ourselves. That seems to be the most important gig in this life, this coming home to ourselves.

So, let’s all allow for this.

So, join me as we together watch the grass grow.

Annie Kiyonaga

November 6, 2022

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