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In Honor of International Women’s Day

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

I spoke to a woman yesterday who expressed her fierce commitment to eroding patriarchy, to eroding male dominance. I am aware of patriarchy, of course. I have experienced it to some degree in my life but, really, it has never felt like an actual impediment. But, my life’s journey and series of circumstances, I would imagine, are very atypical.

And then, there is this....Perhaps I am so use to endemic patriarchy that I don’t see it, like a fish in water, and therefore don’t feel it’s impact. This friend yesterday mentioned how we see plenty of street signs named after, for instance, Martin Luther King. And, this is certainly well and good. But, how often, she queried, do you see a street named after Rosa Parks? Wow. Good point! Good point, indeed! That had never occurred to me - a great fish-in-water example.

The objectification of the feminine...This is strongly afoot. It’s terrible and demeaning and I sense it happens out of fear on the part of those who do this. They wish to categorize the female into submission by way of this objectification. It seems a way to deflect the power of the feminine. For instance, Mary Magdalene being deemed a prostitute historically when this was absolutely not the case is a dramatic example of this objectification. Really, how extraordinary that she was labeled incorrectly thusly!

The time has come for this objectification to cease and desist.

Across the globe we are seeing eminently capable, brilliant, strong and beautiful-in-this-strength women assuming positions of power, of leadership, in their respective countries. We have even seen this in our own, with - for instance - the ascendency of our marvelous Vice President.

This is a very important and wonderful trend, as well as deeply salutary for the earth and her inhabitants, and here is why.

The strength inherent in the feminine seems encoded in our way of being. We have the great privilege to mother, whether it be through a biological process or otherwise, and with this comes a breadth of awareness that naturally calls upon heart-centeredness and heart wisdom. And, these naturally encourage generosity and care, along with a courage. It’s a light-filled intelligence that moves toward inclusion, not division. It nurtures and brings together. And, it is filled with strength.

And, with this light-filled intelligence comes the awareness that we are to not claim dominion over the earth, as patriarchy would have it, but rather we - as a species - are one part of an interconnected whole. This shift in awareness is so very important...

So, on this International Women’s Day, let us celebrate the power and beauty of the feminine. To women everywhere (and this includes all ages! ), acknowledge your inherent great light, power and worth as you proceed on your path.

Feel and acknowledge these.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Annie Kiyonaga

March 8, 2021

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