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Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Wives - A Poem in Honor of International Women’s Day

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

(Painting by Annie Kiyonaga, May 2019)

the life of a woman

feet planted on the


Mother Earth

head held high

touching the sky

energetic connection

to life giving




holding safe

arms that support

hands that soothe

words tumbling out

that ease pain

body, mind and


wanting to protect

from any suffering

any harm

the sword that can hide in

life’s folds

has not a chance against

a mother’s love


a woman’s strength

in times of war

the most profound of

human pathologies

women leave strollers and

baby carriages

standing sentinel at

the train station

a sweep of support

of love

awaiting those fleeing refugees

amongst them mothers

holding their young

steady and determined

knowing what needs to be done

to safeguard

to barricade their young

from the deep, deep sorrows

this human species

can propagate

and these gifts of strollers

of carriages

at the train station

a gift from one mother to another


through time

across time

the strength of woman

the brilliance of woman

the heart intelligence of woman

is seen again and again

demanding the vote

demanding equal rights

demanding that justice and compassion rule the day

fierce in courage

tender in the fragility of evanescent beauty

steeped in earth’s wisdom

the incomparable care, strength and power

that is woman

Annie Kiyonaga

March, 2022

Recently, a photo was taken of strollers and baby carriages placed by Polish mothers on a train platform in Poland in case mothers, caretakers, with children - amongst the arriving Ukrainian refugees - had need. It is an incredibly beautiful photo.

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