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Tu va arrive bientôt à toi même. (You will soon arrive to yourself.)

Words that filtered through one day while in a half sleep state. I was living in Guadeloupe, the French West Indies, at the time with my family. I believe it was a during-the-day brief nap and a fellow, a little monk-type fellow, as he shared this message with me, was off to the left in this dream vision; as if he were just entering the room.

Our sojourn on that gorgeous island was back in the nineties, so this was a while ago.

I had lived on this French island enough time, maybe a couple of years, that French could possibly show up during sleep/dream. And this short yet powerful message in French was delivered and received on that day.

It feels like a message awaited over many a lifetime…

Annie Kiyonaga

November 24, 2022

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